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A specialist team of experienced business, finance and technology leaders dedicated to helping guide your business strategy and technology choices


ANX Advisory Services provide customized services covering both advisory and execution of projects. Our Advisory Services team consists of seasoned professionals with on-the-ground experience and understanding of blockchain and digital assets.

We also specialize in Token Sales and have executed numerous advisory projects with a solid implementation track record, possessing everything it takes to launch a successful Token Sale. We are well-poised to guide you through the entire Token Sale process from start to finish, and navigate through the complexities of this emerging market.



What is a Token Sale?

A Token Sale is a method of fundraising involving crowdsourcing and the distribution of digital assets as tokens to raise funds for a project. It is an intensive process that requires in-depth understanding and expertise in multiple fields including finance, marketing, legal and technology, as well as execution capability, to ensure the success of a Token Sale.

Companies can use the funds raised for operations and development of their projects while the Token Sale participants receive a tradeable token in return.

Token Sales are ideal for startups and companies that have a strong, viable project that creates value for users but may have experienced difficulties in raising venture funding.


Our Expertise

Our Token Sale Advisory Services cover both strategic advisory services as well as a full-suite of execution services. By engaging us, you have access to a deep bench of multi-disciplinary specialists and subject matter experts.



Token Sale Strategy Framework

Legal Guidance

Technology Strategy

Marketing & Content Strategy

Distribution Partnership & Sales Strategy


Advisory Services

Token Sale Strategy Framework
Advise on strategy and provide framework for Token Sale in line with best practices and industry trends.


Legal Guidance
Guidance on structuring your Token Sale, including token utility design and preparation of transaction documents.


Technology Strategy
Technical advisory including development of smart contracts and blockchain strategy for your platform.


Marketing & Content Strategy
Advise on marketing and content strategies to reach a highly targeted, niche and global cryptocurrency audience.


Distribution Partnership & Sales Strategy
Advise on the optimal sales strategy for your Token Sale including providing different options for distribution partnerships.

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Blockchain & Technology Services

Content Services

Marketing Services

Distribution Services


Execution Services

Blockchain & Technology Services
Provide blockchain and technology services covering smart contracts and a customized Token Sale platform.


Content Services
Our content services include content origination, editing, proofreading and translation services for your key transaction documents and website.


Marketing Services
Provide marketing services covering digital promotion, social media community management and bounty campaigns structuring & management.


Distribution Services
Advise on the optimal sales strategy for your Token Sale including providing different options for distribution partnerships.


Key Stages



Understanding your business requirements and needs.


Proposal & Quotation

Once retainer is received, ANX provides an initial proposal, followed by a detailed proposal with customized solution package based on agreed scope and timeline.


Advisory & Execution Commencement

Mutually signed agreement between both parties. Advisory & execution services commence.


Private Sale

Private Sale period open to institutional & private contributors.


Public Sale

Token Sale open to public.


Token Sale Closing & Distribution

End of Token Sale & distribution period.


Project Mobilization

Project Implementation begins.


Worldwide Market Coverage


Customer Reference

How we helped OAX raise USD18.75 million


About OAX

The OAX platform is a real world application of decentralized exchanges (DEX). It is fully open-sourced and transparently-governed.

The platform will run on a bespoke token called OAX. At the core of the OAX platform is the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which is run by smart contracts.

The governance model affects the way the DAO behaves, thus always staying in the best interest of all participants. One of the highlights is the level of consumer protection offered by the DAO – it has its own predetermined dispute resolution system and users will also benefit from the security of blockchain-locked collaterals.



ANX Advisory's Role

ANX Advisory Services conceptualized and served as advisor to OAX for its Token Sale, advising on governance, legal, operations, technology and marketing. The highly experienced project team was made up of some of the industry’s brightest technology, business and legal minds, who are innovators passionate about cryptocurrency and its future.

The success of the project was largely attributed to the team’s deep understanding of crypto markets, the reputation built by the team within the community and beyond, and the strong and solid technology expertise developed over the years.


The Results


The success or failure of a Token Sale relies heavily on the marketing function. Our team of marketing experts took on the challenge to develop a marketing & social media strategy for OAX.

Our execution plan covered different tactics including bounty programs, social media campaigns, display ads and meetup events. We provided 24-hour coverage across different markets & social channels including Bitcointalk, Twitter, Slack, Telegram, WeChat, Reddit and Medium.

In just a few hours of the Token Sale launch, we have helped OAX reach the soft cap of USD13 million. The Token Sale was brought to an early end as we had achieved the funding goal earlier than anticipated, raising a total of USD18.75 million. The final result was a Token Sale that achieved its funding goal and was one of the most diversified Token Sales with contributions made by over 4,000 participants.


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