How Blockchain Will Completely Revamp Digital Marketing

Blockchain revolution is causing a huge disruption across various industries- and Digital Marketing is not an exception. Blockchain-based protocols can change the fundamentals of Digital Marketing from the way we purchase online ads to how we track and evaluate them. Here are some of the benefits blockchain can bring to Digital Marketing.


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The Next Industry To Be Revolutionised by Blockchain - The Food Industry

Blockchain and smart contracts now allow transparent end-to-end transactions in the global food supply chain. Retailers, suppliers and manufacturers can now directly connect to consumers and significantly reduce costs in the process. Given the complexity of the food supply chain from producer to consumer, there is a huge opportunity for blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of this process. Blockchain can provide a better experience for end consumers due to its transparency and traceability.


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5 Applications of Blockchain Technology

Humans have always been in search of creative innovations to improve the lives of mankind. Though we have undeniably advanced greatly, when we look back at history, we shall never forget all the failed innovations that got crushed by the wheel of time. Think about Napstar, VCR players, and all the products or technology that are either long gone or were never able to reach the masses.

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