ANX Digital

ANX Digital is a data-inspired and results-driven digital agency.


We offer digital and integrated marketing services to clients looking to grow their business in a digital-first culture. We are a team of technologists, creatives, strategists and digital natives who are continually experimenting with growth strategies and pushing the boundaries in marketing.


ANX Digital is part of ANX International, a blockchain service provider offering customized blockchain and payment solutions to clients globally in the new digital assets ecosystem.


We are your holistic partner in your digital marketing journey, with engagements ranging from strategic advisory to full implementation services and program management.


ANX Digital has the services capabilities to help you set up a multi-faceted marketing strategy & monitory system, as well as the execution capabilities to ensure the successful implementation of your projects.


Our team of marketing and digital specialists come from a host of different backgrounds, and we work in a collaborative atmosphere that augments our strengths. We have executed numerous marketing advisory assignments and have significant implementation track record.


Our uniqueness and strength lie in the fact that we are a specialist team of marketers with in-depth, on-the-ground understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to ensure high quality delivery of your projects.



  • User Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Inbound Marketing & Content Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • PR & Events Strategy


  • Copywriting
  • Video Production
  • Digital Media Production
  • Photography Services
  • Digital & Print Collaterals


  • UX Design & Website Development
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Digital Analytics
  • AB & Multivariate Testing

Digital Marketing

  • Marketing Automation
  • Programmatic Marketing
  • Email Direct Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Media Buying

Social Media

  • Social Media Playbook
  • Content Calendar
  • Community Management

Our Services



User Research

Understand how your brand fits into the lives of your customers and address issues based on their values.

Brand Strategy

Develop goal-driven branding proposition andstrategies that are focused on channeling design and concepts into awareness & growth.

Digital Strategy

Lay the foundation of solutions to create, manage, and deliver user-centered digital experiences that matter to your customers.

Inbound Marketing & Content Strategy

Focus content creation & curation efforts on gaps that your customers want and need.

Social Media Strategy

Advice on the optimal social media strategy tobest reach and engage with your audience for higher brand stickiness and brand affinity.

PR & Events Strategy

Custom PR strategy combined with advice on maximizing your exposure through events and analyst/media briefing programs to lift your brand awareness and reputation.




Craft powerful content and capture the attention of your audience through effective storytelling.

Digital Media Production

Produce podcasts and webinars to attract attention and build a core audience for your content arsenal.

Video Production

Create high quality videos that tell your story, sell your product, provide tutorials, or anything else you needthem to do.

Photography Services

Capture your ideas, messages and brand essence and bring them to life through images.

Digital & Print Collaterals

Build multi-channel collaterals that are tied in with your brand identity.



UX Design &
Website Development

Design user experience and develop websites that are perfectly blended to create engaging user experiences across multiple technologies.

Digital Analytics

Base business decisions on empirical data to ensure efficient messaging and marketing spends are maximized.

Content Management System

Set up a system that supports the creation and modification of digital content across multiple channels.

AB & Multivariate Testing

Find out the best possible design that persuades your site visitors to perform the specific and desired actions you want.


Digital Marketing

Marketing Automation

Shorten sales cycles by sending specific marketing campaigns to leads based on their interactions with your channels.

Programmatic Marketing

Minimize wasteful spending and hyper-target your audience by tracking them across multiple channels in a more cost efficient manner.

Email Direct Marketing

Build your email list, customize campaigns, implement enhanced scheduling, and measure the results.

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your website’s structure & content to ensure visibility within search results & boost your client’s experience whenever they visit your pages.

Search Engine Marketing

Research, segment, target, and execute all your campaigns on social, display, or search.

Media Buying

Grow your digital audience, increase sales, and generate more leads through paid and organic search.


Social Media

Social Media Playbook

Lay out the social media processes your organization needs to listen and engage with customers effectively to achieve set goals.

Content Calendar

Create content geared to your target audience through visually compelling, customer-centric, & creative techniques.

Community Management

Grow your brand community, forge relationships with your followers and develop advocates for your business.


Token Sales Marketing

About Token Sale

A Token Sale is a method of fundraising involving crowdsourcing and the distribution of digital assets as tokens to raise funds for a project. It is an intensive process that requires in-depth understanding and expertise in multiple fields including finance, marketing, legal and technology, as well as execution capability, to ensure the success of a Token Sale.

Companies can use the funds raised for operations and development of their projects while the Token Sale participants receive a tradeable token in return.

Token Sales are ideal for startups and companies that have a strong, viable project that creates value for users but may have experienced difficulties in raising venture funding.

Common Challenges

70% of the success of a Token Sale comes from good marketing.

Where is your focus now?



Are you facing difficulties finding specialized service providers who understand the complexities of the Token Sale process with experience in running Token Sale projects?



Do you lack the resource and time to plan your Token Sale marketing while trying to manage your business and operations?



Do you find it difficult to assemble quickly, a team of marketing experts with diverse skillsets, who can work across multiple time zones, engaging with your audience and churn out timely content at scale?



Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of social channels spread across the world and wonder which ones and how to target each channel effectively?


ANX Digital is the perfect marketing partner with the expertise and scale you need for the success of your Token Sale


Token Sale Marketing Strategy

Advise on marketing and content strategies to reach a highly targeted, niche and global cryptocurrency audience.


Pre-Campaign Landing Page

Development of a pre-campaign landing page that allows participants to buy tokens before the official Sale.


Token Sale Campaign Website

Development of campaign website which will serve as the main point for users to obtain detailed information about your project.


Content Strategy & Plan

Develop content strategy covering advise on content type to engage audience and maintain group activity. Provide guidance and direction to content writers.


Digital Promotion Services

Advise on the best digital strategy to reach your target audience. Conduct media buying and ad placements. Monitor ad placements and performance.


Social Media Strategy

Develop social media strategy & messaging, covering research on your target audience, selection of the best channels and strategy to grow and engage followers.


Bounty Campaigns

Structure, develop & manage bounty campaign to encourage community to promote the project. Manage bounty campaign including bounty reward tracking and community management services.


Roadshow & Events

Develop roadshow and event strategy covering identification of events that will best build up interest in project. Advise on event messaging and provide strategic guidance to event spokesperson.


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