ANX Exchange Services

Gateway between real-world and digital assets


Since its inception in 2013, ANX has been providing blockchain solution to organizations across many verticals to gain a competitive edge. ANX is your leading White Label Solutions provider in digital assets space to cater your business needs:

  • Fit for purpose

  • Security assurance

  • Full customer support and operations



  • Loyalty points 

  • Payment solutions 

  • Social networking

  • Financial trading systems


We provide

  • Digital assets development

  • Build customised exchange platforms

  • Secure wallet

  • Prepaid card



What We Do


White Label Digital Assets Exchange Setup

ANX has provably developed and maintained a group of successful digital assets exchanges. ANX remains the only solutions provider that can deliver turn-key yet customized platforms that not only surpass requirements, but are managed by an experienced and longstanding team. 


Coin Development and Setup

Benefiting from both open- and close-sourced technologies, ANX can engineer a custom coin and empower it to reach the global market. 


API for Custom Digital Assets

ANX offers technology development services to achieve flexible API's that complement your custom coin and integration with external applications. 


Mobile App & Wallet Services

ANX developed the “ANX Vault”, a reliable and secure mobile application with trading and wallet functionality for iOS and Android platforms, providing an all-in-one mobile wallet to manage digital assets. The app can be customized for White Label Solutions.


Prepaid Cards White Label Portal Setup

ANX Prepaid Cards provide a gateway between digital assets and traditional payment processing. ANX offers Corporate Card programmes that include co-brand cards with customized logos and colors, and are complemented with a customized, online, dedicated card portal. 



Know More

Blockchain is a shared ledger technology that stores data records within a network. With this technology, virtually anything of value in the network can be either tracked or traded...



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